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Well took my time to get over my ex. After heaps of broken promises i snapped lost it and it became clear how there was no longer a relationship between us. I beat myself up a lot and turned to drugs and self harming tendencies both of which i have previously done. I told her i wouldn’t do any drugs while we were together but after that with my depression and anger kicking in it was the first thing i went to. Passed out from blood loss and have passed out from drugs. Neither of these things i am proud of now but i accept that i have done them. She broke so many promises and a few of them were smaller things so i knew she couldn’t keep the big ones and she didn’t. Someone asked me how i live recently my response was day by day mate. Getting up is the hardest choice i make every day. They were kind of shocked but left it and walked away. I battle every day now i am over you i still battle. I made you a promise for me not to go until your ready and every day  i wonder if because you broke all your promises can i brake this one.

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